about Russ

How it Works

The idea behind my working for you as a broker, is that I’m buying you a car, not selling you a car. Unlike a dealership, I don’t have a large inventory to move, so my primary focus is finding you exactly the car you want. This means you don’t pay for dealership overhead costs, and I don’t try to sell you something you don’t want.
I buy cars from all over the country. I use the internet and an established network of financial institutions, private sellers and corporate leasing companies to find excellent quality, pre-owned European and exotic automobiles. I examine and buy every car personally, and I sometimes travel thousands of miles to find exactly the right car. I’ll tell you up front what you can expect for mileage, features, available models, range of model years and price.
My goal is to make sure the only surprise you get is what a nice car we can find for you and how much money you’ll save. Over the last 26 years, I’ve helped clients find exactly what they’re looking for, from Mercedes Benz S Class to Exotic Roadsters. Follow me on Instagram at russ_browning